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About Us

Tireless work is a given. Having it appreciated, isn’t.

We believe there is a poorly served community which deserves far more than they currently experience from their banks. These people work hard for their success, and appreciate everything it enables them to do and become. Their loyalty is taken for granted rather than rewarded. Until now, rarely receiving the service they deserve.

We‘re building Monument from the ground up, precisely for this community. At its basics, it’s banking. But in your hands, it can become so much more.

Why call ourselves Monument?

The Monument in central London is a commemoration of the end of the Great Fire of London and the beginning of the world’s first modern city. As stone replaced wood, the City’s foundation became stronger. What is less well known is that the Monument was also designed as a landmark scientific instrument – a giant telescope to advance knowledge. Monument therefore reflects our purpose as a new bank that will deliver strength, appreciation, and a visionary path forward.

Our technology

Modern technology is at our core. It will make the complex feel effortless. And reinforce, not replace, the value of our relationships.

Our progress

We are an authorised bank in the UK. And we look forward to launching in early 2021, fulfilling your and our expectations.

Our team

We bring decades of experience working in leading financial institutions and professional services. We’re here for our clients and the level of service they deserve.

Mintoo Bhandari – Chief Executive Officer

Mintoo spent most of his career as an investor, building teams, and developing forward thinking institutions. Here, at Monument, he is doing much of the same, except this time he is also solving a frustration he’s personally experienced. He left Apollo Global Management after nearly 12 years as a Senior Partner and Managing Director, working in New York, London and then successfully setting them up in India. He’s also worked at the world's largest university endowment (Harvard University) as an investor and served on the Boards of more than 20 companies across three continents.

Mintoo graduated from MIT with a S.B. in Mechanical Engineering and earned his MBA at Harvard.

In his spare time, you might find him working on charitable initiatives or in the gym. He won’t tell most people, but he was once known for his inverted iron-cross and similar feats.

Wasim Khouri – Chief Strategy Officer

Wasim is obsessed with two things: a client-first approach and use of modern technology to deliver our strategy. Prior to joining, he spent most of his career at McKinsey working with clients on strategy, revenue growth management and large digital transformations, specialising in consumer-centric organisations, and the use of data science. He actually started his career in Tech and now he’s adding the Fin.

Wasim holds a MEng in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Imperial College, London.

In his spare time, he pretends to go (and like) boxing. But really, it’s just burning calories before dinner.

Monument Bank Limited (No. 10921940) is registered in the UK at 33 Cavendish Square, London, W1G 0PW.

We are authorised with restriction by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority. Our Financial Services Registration Number is 849724. For more information please see the Financial Services Register. As we are not yet operational, please do not take any information on this website as an invitation or inducement to apply to us for any services.