Monument is a Webflow Awards Finalist!

September 13, 2023
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Jonny Haynes
Lead UX Designer

Webflow Awards are an annual celebration of the Webflow customers, community members, and partners who bring some of the most creative and technically impressive projects to life every day.

We’ve been selected as a finalist in the All Star category!

Customers in this category [All Star] are true Webflow power users. Their expertise spans across teams to deliver the best business outcomes across the entire organisation. This award highlights in-house teams that have broken down silos to drive collaboration, have improved internal workflows/efficiency, and can showcase impressive results.

You can read more about Webflow Conf and awards by clicking the links at the bottom of this article.

What is Webflow?

Webflow is one of the world's leading visual development platforms for building powerful websites without writing code. By combining modern web development technologies into one platform, Webflow enables people to build websites visually, saving engineering time, while clean code seamlessly generates in the background.

Our Webflow journey

We started early this year when we recognised the need to scale Monument at a much faster pace.  

Our main marketing channel, the website, had a team setup and processes that worked perfectly as a pre-seed startup.  However, over the last 12 months, we have introduced new products and have accelerated our growth. Now, as a Series B company, we have a greater need to design, build, and deploy much faster and more efficiently.

Our key challenges before Webflow were:

  1. The business was growing too fast, and our delivery setup wasn’t geared up for the required levels of change.
  2. Our brand was not speaking to a mass affluent audience as much as we’d like.
  3. We had inefficient and time-consuming operational processes when managing the website.

Webflow has fixed all of these problems.

In my opinion, Webflow is one of the most powerful no-code web delivery platforms that exists. It is so much more than a design tool; which you’ll see in our submission below how Webflow supports every part of our business.

5 key points from our submission:

1. Exponential growth of new clients

We’ve seen a huge influx of new clients across our banking and Lifestyle products, and the website has been the main marketing channel to drive conversion. We’ve been able to act on data, insights, and client feedback quickly and optimise our website to improve conversion.

“Since introducing Webflow, we have achieved a 14x improvement in the speed with which we create and update our webpages, while elevating our brand at the same time. We're so excited, and have already benefited from the ability to instantaneously act on feedback and data, whilst also using Webflow's capability to evolve our visual identify. Quarter to date alone, we’ve grown by 100%."
Wasim Khouri – Chief Commercial Officer

2. Decreased overall cost of build and deployment by 89%

It used to take us 4+ weeks to build, test, and deploy a page (styling, animations, hooked up to a CMS). With Webflow, we can do this in 1 day. We’ve created a library of styles, components, and animations that are reused across the site.

"Webflow empowers me to own the entire process, from concept to go-live, eliminating the need for time-consuming communication with developers about interaction and animation ideas."
Tom Fenby, Lead UI Designer

3. Speed of publishing went from 1 day to 1 click

Historically, publishing would have to go through a deep publishing process using Jenkins, which brought some challenges. With Webflow, we’re able to publish to our environments with the click of a button; which has saved the team an extraordinary amount of time.

“The speed of publishing to our environments is outstanding; we went from a 30 mins deployment process for each environment (dev, QA, UAT, pre-production, and production), to a one-click process, that takes around 5 – 10 seconds to complete.  It’s a phenomenal tool and certainly made our deployment team's life so much easier.”
Graham Law, Head of Cloud Operations.

4. Business teams manage their own areas using Webflow’s CMS collections

When we sold in the idea of Webflow internally, it had to work for everyone. We’ve built Webflow in a way where each team can use CMS collections to update and publish in their own areas, whilst adhering to strict permissions and controls. For example, the Savings team can update and publish new interest rates, the People team can add and remove job adverts, and the Marketing team can publish new blog articles.

“In a fast-paced market, we need to be the first to react to interest rate changes, and Webflow enables us to do that effortlessly.”
Bhaumik Jasani – Savings Product Manager

5. We transitioned to Webflow effortlessly, whilst continuing to uphold the highest regulatory standards

Getting new technology into a regulated environment requires a lot of diligence to be done, and we’ve worked with Webflow to make sure they meet our regulatory requirements around operational resilience, security controls, publishing processes, and audit tracking.

“As a regulated bank, Monument is committed to maintaining the highest levels of security and operational resilience. We were very happy with the collaboration with Webflow to integrate into our controls environment while providing us the delivery agility we were looking for in our Web channel.”
Sudip Dasgupta – Chief Technology Officer

We are very excited to find out if we win at Webflow Conf on 5th October 2023!

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A huge thanks to Benn and his team at Gravita for helping us build our site in Webflow!