Announcing a Partnership between Monument Lifestyle and Doctor Care Anywhere

July 24, 2023
3 min
Laura Lejasisaka
Monument Lifestyle Partnerships

I'm delighted to announce an exciting partnership between Monument Lifestyle and Doctor Care Anywhere, a leading private digital healthcare provider.

At Monument, we firmly believe that excellent healthcare is the cornerstone of our prosperity, and being able to access advice and care with ease is paramount. Inspired by the positive experiences of our staff who have used Doctor Care Anywhere as part of our employee benefits scheme, we were motivated to bring this outstanding service to our Lifestyle community.

Accessibility and Convenience in Challenging Times

In today's fast-paced world, accessing clinical care for everyday concerns can be challenging. That's why we believe it was paramount to find a solution that offers accessibility, both in terms of appointment availability and affordability, regardless of your location. Doctor Care Anywhere fulfils this by offering 24/7 access to remote appointments, accommodating any schedule, and providing peace of mind.

Perfectly Aligned with Our Commitment to Exceptional Digital Services

Doctor Care Anywhere's ability to offer standout digital healthcare is perfectly aligned with Monument's promise to provide exceptional digital banking services. Doctor Care Anywhere has harnessed the power of technology to revolutionise the healthcare landscape. By leveraging advanced digital platforms, they have eliminated the traditional barriers of time and location, enabling individuals to access high-quality healthcare from the comfort of their own homes or while on the go. Just as Monument has made banking effortless, Doctor Care Anywhere has made healthcare effortlessly accessible.

24/7 access to remote appointments with Doctor Care Anywhere.

Driven by Our Own Needs and Experiences

Our partnerships are always driven by a commitment to deliver exceptional services to our Lifestyle members. In our search for top-notch healthcare solutions, we discovered Doctor Care Anywhere through our own employee benefits package. After witnessing our colleagues' amazing experiences with the service, we were compelled to pursue a partnership that could extend these benefits to our Lifestyle community.

The positive experiences of Monument staff members using Doctor Care Anywhere speak volumes about the service's quality and effectiveness:

Chantal, People Manager, shares her family's experience:

"My whole family have used Doctor Care Anywhere. You can get appointments when and as you need them,either on the phone or video call. The appointments were thorough, and my partner was referred for further investigations within weeks. He is now very close to a complex diagnosis very quickly, the consultant even commented that if he was to be going through the NHS for the same diagnosis, he wouldn't be anywhere near a diagnosis at this point in time."

Rita, Client Services & Operations, highlights the convenience:

"I was very impressed with the timings of appointments available throughout the day and into the evening, as well as the choice of male or female doctor. The experience was professional and reassuring, giving me so much peace of mind quickly, instead of going through the challenges of booking my usual GP appointment and a long wait to attend."
About the Partnership

Doctor Care Anywhere offers appointments with clinicians (GP and Advanced Nurse Practitioner) that can be accessed conveniently from the comfort of your home or on the go.

  • 24/7, fast, convenient, and unlimited access to online appointments, via phone or video, throughout the day, to fit your schedule.
  • Private prescriptions can be easily managed and issued to your preferred pharmacy, or delivered to your door, when you're in the UK.
  • Private referrals and fit notes uploaded directly to your records.
  • Speak to UK clinicians from any wherein the world for advice on your health concern.
  • Schedule follow-ups or re-book your preferred clinicians in just a few taps.
  • Add family members to the plan at discounted rates per person.

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Monument Lifestyle members enjoy a 10% discount on annual subscriptions to Doctor Care Anywhere, which includes unlimited use of the services.

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Monument Lifestyle. 35+ handpicked services designed to fit your schedule and needs, on your terms.