Why we built Monument Lifestyle

August 8, 2023
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Laura Lejasisaka
Monument Lifestyle Partnerships

Life is a constant juggling act, where we often find ourselves stretched thin between the demands of our careers, families, and personal interests. In this fast-paced world, time is a precious commodity, and we realised that many busy individuals were left without a comprehensive solution to access reliable services.

The need is very diverse. It includes our dreaded ‘life admin’, which can consume a meaningful part of our weekend. Think about the last-minute call to friends or colleagues, asking for a recommendation to find a tutor to help with your daughter’s GCSE or A-levels; last minute tickets to a sports or music event; or booking a health assessment that you have been putting off for more than 12 months. It also includes things we love. Booking hard-to-get restaurants for a surprise at a partner’s birthday, Michelin-grade food and wine for a summer BBQ, as well as finding a hidden gem for your next trip.  

This realisation led us to create Monument Lifestyle, an app-based product designed to curate and meticulously select services that cater to diverse needs at different stages of life, so our members can focus on what truly matters – doing what they love. On top of that, we were able to negotiate member-only offers that could save our members at least £1,100 annually (and much more if the use the service frequently), recognising that they've worked hard for our success and care about how they spend their money.  

Behind how we do it is a team of inquisitive, discerning, and passionate individuals all contributing to a vast array of elements that bring Lifestyle to life today.

We envisioned a platform that would empower the UK's ~7.5 million busy professionals, providing them with convenient access to a curated collection of services that could enrich their lives.
Filling the Gap – Much More Than a Concierge

It was clear that existing assistance or concierge services either left our members to Google and research on their own or provided all-encompassing services at prohibitive costs, with mixed results. This meant they were neglected when they needed input or knowledge about essential services, or services that become essential as life expands.

Lifestyle was born to bridge this gap, offering a collection of services tailored to various aspects of life: professional services, necessities, and indulgences.

Monument Lifestyle
Monument Lifestyle includes 35+ handpicked services designed to fit your schedule and needs, on your terms.
A Holistic Approach 

Many concierge services (of which we are not one, not that there is anything wrong with them) focus solely on the fun aspects of life like dining, travel, and retail discounts, while premium subscriptions to certain products, offering additional benefits, prioritise insurance matters, but not much else. We recognised the importance of a more comprehensive approach that catered to many aspects of our members’ lives.

Lifestyle is a broader solution, addressing both the essentials like legal and tax services, healthcare, and education, as well as the things our members desire, such as fine dining, travel experiences, wellness activities, and self-care.

Empowering Decisions

There is huge value in feeling in control, especially when making significant life decisions. Lifestyle is built to offer a variety of providers across all categories while ensuring that the choices remain manageable and not overwhelming.

The final decision always rests in the hands of our members, allowing them to interact directly with the chosen partner, avoiding miscommunications, and having all their questions answered. Moreover, the negotiated special member rates and extensive research guarantees that they will be engaging with outstanding service providers in their respective fields.

Embracing Diversity

Choice is essential, but so is diversity. Lifestyle strives to provide a diverse range of service providers, each offering something unique – whether it's competitive pricing, distinct service elements, or a specialised approach.

We recognise that the needs of every member of our community differ, and we're committed to finding the right fit for each one.

Passion for Exceptional Service and Value

Our personal passion for exceptional service and value for money is ingrained in our core values. We've been there – spending hours researching the "best" provider only to be disappointed with lacklustre service. That's why we handpick providers we've personally tried, ensuring they offer fair value for what they deliver.

We take pride in recognising that excellence can be found in businesses of all sizes, aligning with our values and beliefs. Lowering our standards for anything that goes into Lifestyle is never an option, and even when we feel a provider could be great for something, but they’re missing a key requirement, we resolve to not compromise because we take our members’ experiences personally.

Unlimited Potential for Evolution

In a world filled with countless apps and constant distractions, Lifestyle is our vision for the one app that's always with our members, regardless of where they are or what stage of life they’re in. We are committed to continuous evolution, always seeking ways to meet changing needs, and consistently adding more value through special benefits, access, and rates.

Lifestyle is a dynamic platform that will never be 'finished', as we remain dedicated to improving the lives of our members indefinitely, and we don’t believe their needs are static.

Lifestyle is more than just part of our app – it's an unwavering commitment to supporting our members in their journey through life. We created this platform to save time, provide value for money, and empower choices that align with unique needs and preferences.

Monument is proud to be more than just another bank, but rather a partner in embracing life to the fullest, and we are excited about the unlimited potential that lies ahead in this ever-evolving journey together with our members.

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