Easy access to clinicians, referrals, and health assessments.

Use Monument Lifestyle to save time and money when accessing a range of health services.
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Up to 20% discount on health assessments, private GP appointments, and health concierge services.

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 Provided by our partners Bupa, Doctor Care Anywhere, Bluecrest Wellness, and Cavendish Health. Full offers can be found below.

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Our handpicked partners.

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  • Face-to-face private GP appointments and health assessment packages.
  • Pay-as-you-go appointments or bundle options.
  • Appointments in as little as 24 hours.
  • Advice and support for a year after your health assessments.
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Multiple discounts

On GP appointments and health assessments

Doctor Care Anywhere
  • Remote appointments with GPs and Advanced Nurse Practitioners.
  • Access UK clinicians 24/7/365 from anywhere in the world.
  • Fast and convenient prescriptions delivered in the UK.
  • Unlimited appointments with subscription plans.
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Save 10% on annual subscriptions

Bluecrest Wellness
  • Comprehensive non-invasive health assessments designed for Lifestyle members.
  • 24/7 GP advice and support for a year after your assessments.
  • Nationwide locations.
  • Personalised health reporting from fully UKAS accredited laboratories.
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Custom packages

At discounted rates

Cavendish Health
  • Face-to-face private GP appointments.
  • Comprehensive hospital-based health assessments.
  • Same day appointments and out of hours visits available.
  • Health concierge membership for more complex medical journeys.
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£100 off

GP appointments

20% off

Health Management & Concierge subscriptions

Taking the best care of your health at any age.

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24/7 access to a GP, whenever you need it.

Gain swift healthcare access with prompt GP appointments and a variety of health assessments for you and your family. Obtain prescriptions or referrals without delays.

Advanced healthcare support for the long term.

Health management and concierge services offer personalised recommendations, referrals, and appointment scheduling, all handled by a dedicated team of clinicians and account manager.

Feel reassured about your health.

Stop putting off your annual health assessment. Multiple options available to suit your needs on your terms.

What is Monument Lifestyle?

"Life is a constant juggling act, where we often find ourselves stretched thin between the demands of our careers, families, and personal interests. This is why we built Monument Lifestyle.

Think of it as a life companion in your pocket, catering to everything from life’s crucial matters to its most enjoyable moments.

Enjoy effortless access to 35+ handpicked services, covering entertainment, travel, education, health, family, taxes, and much more. The best part? We’ve negotiated member-only offers so you can save money and time.

This is our commitment to go beyond – recognising that you deserve a bank that does more than manage your money.

Don’t want a bank account? No problem. You can embrace Lifestyle without requiring a savings or loan account with Monument.

It’s your Lifestyle. With less admin, more fun.
Laura, Lifestyle Partnership Manager

How it works.

Use the Monument app to discover what each partner offers and the benefits you get as a Lifestyle member.
Contact your partner of choice using an online form, or call them.
Schedule appointments, health assessments, and manage subscriptions direct with the partner. Your discounts will be applied.

Up to 20% discount on health assessments, private GP appointments, and health concierge services.

Download the app to join for free.
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