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Use Monument Lifestyle to get tickets and hospitality to premier sports, music, arts events, exclusive galas, award ceremonies, and discover inspiration for your next dining adventure.
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Provided by our partners DTB Sports and Events, and La Petite Conciergerie. Full offers can be found below.

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DTB Sports and Events
  • Purchase tickets and hospitality to events in the UK and around the world.
  • Access official hospitality packages and VIP tickets.
  • Explore the DTB events calendar available in the Monument app.
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Reduced service fees

When purchasing tickets and hospitality

La Petite Conciergerie
  • Discover detailed guides about diverse destinations offering unique dining experiences.
  • Take inspiration from La Petite Conciergerie to plan your next dining adventure around the UK and beyond.
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Lifestyle inspiration

Complimentary articles on dining destinations written exclusively for Monument Lifestyle.

Discover unforgettable experiences.

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Enjoy easy access and save time checking availability. Our partners have a wide-reaching network of connections to ensure you can access hard-to-book events and experiences.

Support from a dedicated account manager.

With tickets to events, our partner caters to a diverse range of occasions both in the UK and internationally, managed by a single point of contact dedicated to Monument clients.

Broaden your horizons.

Explore ideas for unique and exciting dining near and further afield with Member Journal articles written exclusively for Lifestyle members, covering bucket list restaurants and hidden gem foodie destinations.

What is Monument Lifestyle?

"Life is a constant juggling act, where we often find ourselves stretched thin between the demands of our careers, families, and personal interests. This is why we built Monument Lifestyle.

Think of it as a life companion in your pocket, catering to everything from life’s crucial matters to its most enjoyable moments.

Enjoy effortless access to 35+ handpicked services, covering entertainment, travel, education, health, family, taxes, and much more. The best part? We’ve negotiated member-only offers so you can save money and time.

This is our commitment to go beyond – recognising that you deserve a bank that does more than manage your money.

Don’t want a bank account? No problem. You can embrace Lifestyle without requiring a savings or loan account with Monument.

It’s your Lifestyle. With less admin, more fun.
Laura, Lifestyle Partnership Manager

How it works.

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Reduced service fees when purchasing tickets, and exclusive content for unique dining destinations.

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